Jose Cruz, Jr

Founder of Integrated Projects. Focused on the digitization of the built environment.

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Jose Cruz Jr

Founder, CEO

Integrated Projects

Jose Cruz Jr. is the founder of Integrated Projects, a spatial intelligence company focused on bringing buildings online with unprecedented accuracy.

He believes accurate spatial data in the hands of building owners can enable them to proactively address some of the largest challenges buildings pose: from their outsized CO2 footprint, to their inability to adapt to how we live and work, to a a global housing shortage.

To date, Jose has led his company to digitize over 3,000 properties—from homes to skyscrapers—on its flagship digitization platform, IPX, which today serves Fortune 500 companies, design firms, and landlords worldwide—all originally bootstrapped from $12,000 in his emergency funds.

Prior to Integrated Projects, Jose worked as an architect and later a construction manager for leading firms in New York City, designing and building apartments and co-working office spaces.

Jose's background in Architecture from the University of Florida and Columbia University fueled his passion for buildings. But it was his time working at his parent’s pizza shop as a teenager where he gained a deep respect for the unit economics of operations, startups, and business models.

Currently, Jose lives in New York City with his wife, Jackie, and their dog, Ella.